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I came by fixie , i see you alone there .
After some time , i got the very chance to stare directly into your eyes.

I saw one of the brightest star shinning within your eyes.
and your smile was just as bright as the sun.

When maghrib comes , i went home with a smile on my face .
Feeling happy and high do .

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha *cough cough*

Ehm , those days when you cant tell if you want to scream or cry . To stay up all night or to sleep your doubts away . To yell at the top of your lungs or to keep silent . To spill your heart out of someone or just to fake a smile . Yess , this all what i feel that day . Yesterday :/ Can be quite egoistic that times . Im spends too much time feeding my ego until i reached a point where that day happens . Wehh , yesterday is the worst meet that i ever had you know ? I thinks you think so right ? Thinking , sometimes we have to show out our bad side so that we can sort out who can accept us . Ehm Im sorry , but sokay sokay , everythings alright ya ? Finally ends 19/11/2011 with a smile . Not a fake smile anymore , but the real real smile ^_______^ See ? I smile ni , smileeeeeeeeeee . Copy my smile plss , hehe . You had me at HELLO every morning :'D

When im home , yess all siblings here ! Badminton , jogs , balls & paling takboleh belah  ' car ' Yo , my father asks to drive it back . Babyboo , lama tak pegang stering do . After got my P license , haremmm nak mandu dah . Malacca ? Car rental there are too high der , manada duit . Waiting for Rm200 from the government ^^, hihi all secondary student dah dapat Rm100 kan ? So yang kami kami college ni bile lagi ? *My college under government okay , under Mara lagi tuu . Hado ? Hehh hehh

Dah nak habis sem dah kan ? Cepat lahabau ! \Ehh mak , ehh chot ! Mencarut/ haha
Lagi nak habis ni , lagi ramai orang tempah baju , beg , botol suruh lukis . Erm final do :/
Jangan ahh buat aku camni , nak tolak serba salah , rezeki wehhhhhh ! Takpe takpe , dah biasa .
Study last minute & have enough time to huha huha with fullhouse everyday . *Aku dah jangkit roomate aku do tengok Fullhouse ulangan tuu , *gosok gosok mata* Hahhh ? Korean tuu dida ! Hahaha lantak kauu nak cakap ape , heartless -________-'

P/s : Pagi tadi , before balik . Member bagi kertas Test Bismath . And ce puzzle off my marks ? Full mark is 45 . And i got only :( Carrymarks Bismath aku serius ciput , tak layak weh . Ehm , but i've tried my best mom , dad . Im so sorry . Dont blame me if my result .... Ok dah bergenang* bye