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I love Nerd-OO

I will miss this all . Yess i got special room there in college . Others got A123 , B203 , C302 , C334. But i ? Sickbay A ! Hahaha cool jeww . I know that room looks best nye nye . Have everthings that other rooms did'nt have right ? & all peeps will say ' Whoaaa ! untung laa dapat bilik ni ' Heyy untung untung untung ==' *Garu garu leher* Err nama pun Sickbay do . Mesti laa lain dari lain , tolong faham maksud SICKBAY tuu tolong . Tapi best tak best , Sickbay laa yang selalu kena aim dengan fellow . What The HellOO ! Huhh

Aku ada 3 orang roomate . Yang aku kenal , yang aku sayang 2 orang jee . 
Yang lagi sorang pergi MAM dengan hahaha


Everyone have their own problems right ? & we shouldn't run away from it . Try to solve and faced it. Ehmm , everything is going to be okayy . Everything was okayy because it didn't matter . But deep down its not okay because it really did matter . Honestly , i dont want to have any enemies anymore , with any friends that i know . Sedih tahu sedih ? When knows , one by one of our friends hate ourself . Who wants haa ? So , just being kind for everyone that you meet is fighting the hard battle jyeah ! Okayy mami got a boom bang bing bang ding dang haha bye . Aku malas nak fikir dah .  Semak


nurulfarhana said...

perlu ke nak amik pic tiket2 bus tu weyy? hahaha :P

DIEDA said...

Harus do do ! Kenangan tahu ? Haha